“Every meal should taste this good!”


"Every meal should taste this good!"


I want to tell you a story. Have you ever wondered why some food tastes SO good? Have you wanted to eat good food ALL the time, but can’t seem to duplicate it at home? This story is about a young man, born in a part of the world where great-tasting food is relished, common, & practiced every day. It’s a story of a man who thinks every meal should taste this good, and wants the Triad to have that as well. Meet our Chef/Owner, Ali Kayan.

Ali Kayan was born in the sea village of Sarkoy, present-day Turkey, a few miles away from the ancient city of Troy (his jungle gym was the real Trojan Horse.) Ali’s father, a chef, taught his children to grow their own fruits & vegetables, fish & sell their own produce, and then make it taste delicious too. Following in his father’s footsteps, Ali graduated from French Culinary School, and set out to work in the finest hotels in Istanbul, Turkey, including The Ciragan Palace, followed by The Stonehedge Hotel & Spa and Boston’s Ritz Carleton.